Highlights of Games, Tournaments & News


Feb. 13th-16th, 2020 - playing in their 2nd South Florida Sled Hockey Invitational, the RoughRiders played a terrific Sunday finisher, capturing another Bronze medal to add to their collection, but will return in '21 looking for another championship. 

Jan. 23rd-26th, 2020 - London, Ontario - for only the 11th time in 52 tournaments, the RoughRiders fell short of the Medal round. They vow to return in 2021 and correct that.


Jan. 18th, 2020 - Bethpage, NY - the RoughRiders faced off against the LI Royals hockey team and showed off their many talents on the ice, and gained new friendships off the ice.  Another hockey program was shown what the "differently-abled" can do.  A rematch next season will be worked out.


Dec. 22nd, 2019 - Bethpage, NY - the RoughRiders displayed their skills against the Farmingdale Dalers Varsity hockey squad and left the Dalers in appreciation of what amazing athletes the RoughRiders continue to be.  They vowed to be back and the RoughRiders welcome the challenge.


Dec. 14th, 2019 - Bethpage, NY - for the second year in a row the PT's and OT's of St. Charles Rehabilitation got on sleds against the RoughRiders.  The outcome was the same but new friendships made and lifetime support pledged.


Dec. 7th, 2019 - USMA, West Point, NY - the long-running challenge of the Cadet's Varsity hockey team remains one of the most important, emotional and rewarding games the RoughRiders play.  The friendships which have been made, the encouragement proffered by the Cadets, their true enjoyment of trying to match the RoughRiders skills and "abilities" on sleds is a memory which will last a lifetime.  God Bless the men and women of West Point and we circle next year's challenge date, anxiously awaiting our next meeting.


Nov. 21st-24th, 2019 - St. Louis, MO - the RoughRiders, playing in the NHL Sled Classic for only the second time, found themselves in a huge hole in their Sunday game, needing a win to play for the Gold Medal.  Rebounding with four unanswered late goals, the came up just short, capturing the Bronze - their 14th since 2004 - and promised to get the Championship in 2020.  Great job by all!!!


May 17th-19th, 2019, East Meadow, NY - with only one game the entire weekend ending in a three-goal differential, one goal and tie games were the norm.  Kudos to both the Champions NE Warriors for their repeat Championship, the Fort Drum Mountain Warriors and the RoughRiders Blue and White teams.  The RoughRiders played hard and came away with both a Silver and Bronze Medal, but vow to regain "their Cup" next year.  Our wished to all for a great off-season!


Apr. 25th-29th, 2019 - Westfield, Mass. - continuing their tenacious play from just 19 days prior, the RoughRiders won all their games, finishing with a nail-biting 2-0 final victory, giving them the 2019 New England Invitational Sled Hockey Recreational Championship, the first time the RoughRiders have been able to claim this title in five tries.  Most importantly, THIS WAS THE ROUGHRIDERS' 20TH CHAMPIONSHIP IN 49 TOURNAMENTS SINCE 2004.  INCREDIBLE!!!  KUDOS TO ALL.


Apr. 20th, 2019 - the physical therapists and trainers of Lynbrook's Peak Performance played their second challenge match in as many years. Peak's performance was admirable and their donation was much appreciated. We'll see them try to avenge their two losses next season.


Apr. 13th, 2019 - the Farmingdale Middle School hockey took their initial challenge to the RoughRiders in Bethpage and although they didn't win, the Dalers gained a new appreciation of the vast talents of RoughRiders' squad. LISH thanks the Dalers for their donation and looks forward to a rematch.


Apr. 4th-7th, 2019 - Tampa, FL - playing in USA Hockey's National Disabled Festival for only the second time (the first being in 2002 before incorporating as LISH), the RoughRiders faced hard-charging competition, winning on Thursday and Friday (Friday against a Tampa team which had beat them just two weeks prior), putting them into the semi-final against a Boston team they had never beaten. At game's end, the RoughRiders came away with a 2-1 victory, placing them in the Championship game.  Again facing a Carolina team they had yet to beat, a heart-wrenching and nerve-wracking game was fought, and when the final buzzer sounded, the RoughRiders had come away with a 1-0 - yes, ONE - NOTHING, win, to earn their first-ever NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP.  Dry eyes were hard to find, from Florida to New York.  A monumental task was faced and the challenge was met.  God Bless this very special group of incredible athletes.


March 23rd, 2019 - the rehab team from St. Charles Hospital took to sleds against the RoughRiders and all gained respect for each other and a rematch is already in the planning stages.


March 9th, 2019 - Staten Island - in the 10th annual game against St Peter's Boy's High School Varsity hockey team, the RoughRiders again showed their talents but the game was secondary to the post-game presentation made on-ice to St Peter's Head Coach Eddie Blackburn.  Coach Blackburn's "kids", in the nine years since their first game against LISH, have raised $90,000 for the RoughRiders and now face their biggest challenge, as Coach Blackburn battles pancreatic cancer.  The RoughRiders presented Coach Blackburn with a commemorative Cup, honoring both he and his Eagles, players and coaches, all who have played or coached in the last 10 years, having their names engraved on this large tribute to Coach.  We stand with St Peter's and pledge to fight with Eddie, and already are planning for the 11th contest in as many years.  We, the RoughRiders, salute you Coach, you are the BEST!!!


February 22nd-24th, 2019 - West Palm beach, FL - playing in the inaugural sled hockey tournament, the RoughRiders came up just short in the Bronze medal game, thanked the West Palm beach Tiger Sharks for their invite and vow to return in 2020.


Feb. 6th-10th, 2019 - Chicago, IL - once again the RoughRiders needed a win Saturday morning to get into the Semi-Finals but came up short. The RoughRiders played hard and for the second tournament in three weeks, were a win away from a chance to play for the NHL's Sled Classic Championship. Bravo to the players and staff for another terrific showing.


Jan. 24th-27th, 2019 - London, Ontario - the RoughRiders needed a goal in their Saturday morning contest to put them in the Championship Bracket on Sunday. Settling for a tie, they needed the team just above them to lose or tie their night game. It was not to be, the other team skating to a win, nosing the RoughRiders by one half point.  The RoughRiders will be back next year!!!


Dec. 22nd, 2018 -  Syosset, NY - playing against the P.A.L. Jr. Islanders 10U AA team, in an outdoor contest, the Jr. Islanders team witnessed just what "differently-abled" athletes can do on the ice and developed friendships off the ice. The RoughRiders thank the Jr. Islanders and Theresa Saunders, as Ms. Saunders presented the RoughRiders with a $500 donation at completion of the game.


Dec. 15th, 2018 - the RoughRiders hosted the Long Island Hurricanes Women's Hockey Team and the resulting new friendships and appreciation of just how hard both teams work culminated with a fresh challenge on the table.  Hurricanes, Renee et al - THANK YOU!


Dec 1st, 2018 - the RoughRiders had the most memorable match at the United States Military Academy since their first game 11 years ago. United States National Women's Paralympic Sled Hockey team member and Gold Medal winner Christy Gardner drove down from Lewiston, Maine to say hi to the RoughRiders and become part of a special night for RoughRiders' Alternate Captain Christopher Callahan. After suiting up and playing for the RoughRiders, Christy joined in a special presentation to Christopher.  West Point Coach Brian Riley presented Christopher a #5 (Chris' number) Army hockey jersey, offering a spot on the roster when he is ready.  A very emotional night, a "no-dry-eyes" moment which will be remembered by all who were present.  Coach Riley, West Point Hockey and all at the USMA.........  GOD BLESS YOU, GOD KEEP YOU SAFE AND SOUND, THANK YOU, YOU ARE A SPECIAL BREED.


October 27th, 2018 - the RoughRiders accepted the challenge of the PAL Jr Islanders PeeWee (10/11) Minor team. A RoughRiders win gained new friends and the Islanders presented LISH with a $500 donation. We thank them and look forward to the rematch.


May 18th - 20th, 2018, East Meadow, N.Y.- Needing a victory in game 4 on Saturday, to get into the medal round and a chance to play for the RoughRiders Cup, the RoughRiders White team came up just short, losing 5-4.  Congrats to the New England Warriors on the Championship, beating North Carolina in a great final.  We'll see everyone next year.
Special kudos to the N.Y. Islanders and all at the Northwell Health Ice Rink for making our initial Cup weekend there a great one!


May 5th, 2018, Bethpage, NY - the RoughRiders had a tough rematch with Team RWB but all had a great time, friendships were renewed and the veterans asked for another match early in the 2018-2019 season.  We will schedule them for November.  We thank them for their service.


April 26th-29th, 2018, Westfield, Massachusetts - the RoughRiders rallied in the second half of their Bronze Medal game, scoring two unanswered goals to go ahead 2-1, and then adding a last second empty-net goal to capture Bronze.  They never cease to amaze.


April 21st, 2018, Bethpage - another great game against Summit Security, a great breakfast with old and new friends, a continued sponsorship by Summit for the RoughRiders and our continued thanks to all.  The Aulettas, et al, are a part of the RoughRiders family forever.  Thanks!!!


Apr. 7th, 2018, Staten Island, NY - for the 9th consecutive year the RoughRiders took on the challenge of the St. Peter's Boys' HS Varsity Hockey team. The score was, as always, secondary to the rekindled friendships, the true "hostess with the mostess" attitude of all the St Peter's family.  We cherish these games and look forward to next year - a 10th Anniversary.  To Eddie and Linda Blackburn, to the entire St. Peter's family - God Bless You All!!!


Mar. 22nd-25th, 2018, Tampa, Florida - suffering two opening losses did not deter the RoughRiders. They showed their temerity, dedication and true talents, rebounding with tow losses, including a 2-0 shutout on Sunday to secure a Bronze Medal finish. Great Job!!


Mar. 10th, 2018, Bethpage, NY - Excelling at their profession as personal trainers and physical therapists, Peak Performance found out that the RoughRiders were well prepared and introduced them to the LISH way to stay in shape and excel in a super challenge match.  Peak vows to return with a different outcome.  They are always welcome.


Feb 24th, 2018 - Bethpage,  N.Y.- once again St Anthony's HS boy's varsity hockey team took the ice in sleds and challenged the RoughRiders. The result was as always, but new friends were made and the athletes/parents of St. Anthony's gained a new respect for the RoughRiders family. Thanks go out to GM Tom Rudzewick, Coach Bill Schwarz and all at the Friar's.


Jan. 25th-28th, 2018 - London, Ontario - despite  frantic finish, the RoughRiders fell just short of qualifying for the medal round. This marks only the sixth time in 40 tournaments with this result. The RoughRiders vow not to let that happen again.  Kudos to all for a great weekend.


Dec. 2nd, 2017 - the RoughRiders' 10th straight year playing the Cadets at the Hallowed West Point was highlighted by the ceremonial first puck being dropped by 11 year old RoughRider Alternate Captain Chris Callahan. This young boy is afflicted with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and has become synonymous with courage and determination.  The Cadets also presented Chris with a hockey stick signed by the Army team.  Thank you Coach Riley and all at the USMA,  God bless you all.


October 28th, 2017 - the RoughRiders are proud to announce their 7th Corporate Sponsor, the VFW National Headquarters. Adjutant General Brian Duffy, following up on multiple telephone conversations with LISH's Bryan Blomquist, sent a $5,000 donation from the VFW. This was after Mr. Duffy viewed the "Raising the RoughRiders" episode of Mike Rowe's Returning The Favor. Thanks Brian, and ALL our vets, past and present.


October 21st, 2017 - the RoughRiders again accepted the challenge from the TOB Jr Islanders.  The score is never as important as the demonstration that the differently-abled athletes of Long Island Sled Hockey are to be respected, admired and recognized.  New friends are made each year and we thank Loretta and her whole group for their support.  Next year........


May 13th, 2017 - Bethpage, NY - for the third year in a row, a charity game coordinated and led by one of our volunteers, Matt Rossman, saw not only a victorious RoughRiders team skate to their third straight win, but rekindle old friendships, make new ones and Matt did a yeoman's job, raising over $4,000 for Long Island Sled Hockey. This brought his three year total rased to over $12,000!!! We wish him well as he starts Tulane in the fall.

The RoughRiders claimed the right to appoint Matt's Assistant Captain and the title fell to 12 year old Alivia Valauri. This young lady, with the RoughRiders program for a little over two months, took it upon herself to raise enough money for LISH to purchase a player's sled ($1000) and on April 22nd presented the RoughRiders a check for $2500!!! Two amazing young people, self-motivated, to help those less fortunate in their goal to play at a high level.  The RoughRiders tip their helmets to these two incredible "RoughRiders"!!!


May 5th-7th, 2017 - Bethpage, NY - a reverse of last year, this year's Bill Schwarz Memorial Sled Hockey Invitational saw the RoughRiders Blue team capture the Cup, beating the RoughRiders White team.  What a year; two Bronze Medals, one Silver and three Championships (two in Canada).  They continue to impress, awe and make people stand up and pay homage.  They vow to be better next season!


Apr. 27th-30th, 2017 - Westfield, Mass. - the RoughRiders earned their second straight Bronze Medal in the New England Sled Hockey Invitational. New players, new positions both added to what hopes to be a championship in 2018!!!


Apr. 22nd, 2017 - Bethpage, NY - for the 3rd year in a row, the RoughRiders welcomed TeamRWB, our returning veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan, welcoming them home and thanking them for their service. Their skills at our sport are getting better and we look forward to our 4th contest next season.


Apr. 15th, 2017 - Bethpage, NY - the FDNY Hockey Travel Team once again challenged the RoughRiders on sleds and gained respect and admiration in a loss for what the "differently-abled" athletes of LISH do both on and off the ice.


Apr. 6th-9th, 2017 - Ottawa, Ontario - After a game 1 win, the RoughRiders rallied around their captain, benched by illness, and reeled off four more victories with no losses and captured the Ottawa O'Keefe Cup, their first since 2014.  A very tired team came home valiant and with a hard-earned championship.  They continue to amaze!!!


Apr. 1st, 2017 - Bethpage, NY - Yet another chapter in the long rivalry with Summit Security, the RoughRiders prevailed and all renewed friendships and welcomed Summit to the Corporate Sponsorship ranks of Long Island Sled Hockey.  They'll be back next year, and we'll be ready.


Mar. 25th, 2017 - Staten Island, NY - the RoughRiders, for the 8th year in a row, traveled to Staten island to accept the challenge from St Peter's High School's Boy's Hockey team.  A packed house saw the RoughRiders prevail again, BUT new friendships were made and we applaud Coach Blackburn, the entire Eagles team, their fans and support base.  God bless you.


Mar. 18th, 2017 - Bethpage, NY - the LI Rebels 02 Bantam AA learned what sled hockey is all about, getting on sleds to challenge the RoughRiders.  Appreciation was gained and we look forward tot their coming back next season.


Jan. 28th, 2017 - Bethpage - the RoughRiders accepted the challenge of the TOB Jr. Islanders U16 Futures team, again displaying that their talents are many, their skills astounding and new friendships again were made.


Jan. 19th-22nd, 2017 - London, Ontario - Winning the first four games Friday and Saturday, the RoughRiders found themselves as the #1 seed for the medal round. Similar to the NCAA Football playoffs, the RoughRiders played the fourth seed, a win propelling them to the Gold medal game, a loss sending them home with Bronze. A thrilling 2-0 victory saw Long Island in a rematch against a Buffalo team they had beaten the day before 4-2. A goal in the last minute clinched an exciting 3-1 victory, giving the RoughRiders their 16 championship and a six wins, no losses weekend for the first time. Game pucks were given to each player, they deserved them. Again, simply amazing.


Dec. 17th-18th, 2016 - Boston, Mass. - playing in the 1st Annual Boston Shamrocks Christmas Classic, the RoughRiders posted a non-stop end-to-end 1-0 win and secured the Bronze Medal.  We will be back...


Sat, Dec 3rd, 2016 - West Point, NY - for the 9th straight year, the RoughRiders traveled to the United States Military Academy, accepting the challenge of the West Point Men's Hockey team. Starting immediately following Army's game against Brown, the Cadets, playing on sleds, witnessed just how difficult the sport of sled hockey is. The score did not matter. What was the important lesson learned was that both teams continue to exhibit a great measure of respect for each other. The RoughRiders family knows that the men and women of West Point are the real American heroes and we join as one to salute them, congratulate them on their commitment, duty and honor to the United States and wish them well and thank them for their service. We look forward to a 10th  meeting.


Sat, Nov 19th, 2016 - Bethpage, NY - the TOB Junior Islanders' Bantam Majors team took to sleds against the RoughRiders and came away in awe of a team which displayed why this team changed its moniker from disabled to "differently-abled". We thank them for their support and hope to schedule a third game for 2017. 


May 20th-22nd, 2016 - Bethpage, NY - the Bill Schwarz Memorial Sled Hockey Invitational proved to be a truly emotional and fitting end to the season.  Having to beat the Fort Drum Mountain Sled Warriors in the Bronze/Silver Medal game to get into the championship game, the RoughRiders White team held off the Mountain Warriors to gain a 3-1 victory.  In the championship game the score seesawed back and forth and saw the RoughRiders Blue team tie the game 3-3 with 43.9 seconds left!!!  The White then edged the Blue teams in a thrilling 1-0 shootout, giving the RoughRiders their fourth straight RoughRiders Cup.  A truly unbelievable game, with absolutely no losers.  Another successful season as only these "kids" can provide.


April 30th, 2016 - Bethpage, NY - led by Matt Rossman a group of North Shore high school athletes and coaches took to sleds against the RoughRiders in their second such contest.  The RoughRiders came out on top twice, both in the game and in Matt presenting the RoughRiders program with $4009, raised by Matt.  We thank him and applaud his efforts.


April 23rd, 2016 - Bethpage, NY - the RoughRiders retained the Veterans Cup, playing against Team Red, White, Blue, comprised of returned veterans, getting back into society after serving in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Several vets have indicated they would like to join our program next season, joining the four Wounded Warriors already on our roster.  We thank them all for their service and welcome them home.


April 15th-17th, 2016 - Westfield, Mass. - a furious third period saw the RoughRiders emerge with a hard-fought Bronze Medal and a promise to return in 2017.


April 8th-10th, 2016 - Ottawa, Canada - a last minute goal by the Elmvale Bears saw the RoughRiders fall in their attempt to go after the Bronze Medal.  A great game and a reason to return to right the ship.


Mar. 19th, 2016 - the RoughRiders once again proudly marched in the Rockville Centre St. Patrick's Parade. As the LISH group of almost 30 approached each throng of spectators, they were met with ovation after ovation and responded with thanks and smiles.   Great job by the RVC Committee.


Mar. 13th, 2016 - our 7th annual match against the St. Peter's High School Varsity Hockey Team once again proved to be moving and another classic. The RoughRiders overcame three goalies in net (at once) and came away with a win and, most importantly, some new and lasting friendships. Many thanks to Coach Eddie Blackburn and all who put this event together. We'll be back again, as we know they will as well. 


Feb. 27th, 2016 - after congratulating the Bellmore-Merrick Bulldogs HS Hockey team on their 2016 Nassau County HS Championship, won the night before, the RoughRiders came out in a dedicated and enthusiastic fashion. This rivalry, now back in full swing, saw the RoughRiders notch another victory but kudos to Coach Chris Patten and his whole team on a great season and championship. See ya next year.


Jan. 30th, 2016 - Bethpage, NY - in a "challenge" that goes back to 2003, the RoughRiders retained the Summit Cup, defeating a determined and markedly improved Summit Security team. We thank Nick & Bob Auletta, Linda & Kim, and ALL at Summit for their longtime support, compassion and friendship. We'll keep the Cup until Next year... 


January 22nd-24th, 2016 - London, Ontario - a first-time entry into the London Blizzard Tournament, the RoughRiders fought hard in a tournament boasting 43 teams, vaulted into the quarter finals and lost 1-0 with 1:16 left, failing to make the semi-finals. An exciting, nail-biting game, one team moving on by the slightest of margins. We will return and learn from this. A great weekend! 


Jan. 2nd, 2016 - Bethpage, NY - the rematch against St. Anthony HS's varsity hockey team saw some new faces, some old faces but ALL friends, new and old. We thank Coach Bill Schwarz for their support and we welcome them back.


Nov. 21st, 2015 - Bethpage, NY - the Suffolk County PRIDE Pee Wee team challenged the RoughRiders and left the rink with a new appreciation of the RoughRider's differently-abled athletes and their skills. They vow a return.


Nov. 7th, 2015 - USMA, West Point - the RoughRiders were once again honored to play the Cadets for the 8th time in as many years. Playing before a sold out Tate Arena, the RoughRiders prevailed but most importantly thanked the men and women of West Point for their continued support and applauded their courage, commitment and love of country. God Bless them all. We look forward to our 2016 rematch.


Oct. 17th, 2015 - the RoughRiders thank the TOB Jr. Islanders for their challenge, their donation for the Sock Hop and their pledged continued support of our athletes. An exciting game played, an appreciation of our special athletes gained.


June 26-27, 2015 - an emotional farewell to sled hockey coach emeritus Bill Schwarz was held at the end-of-season dinner at the Lynbrook Elks. Presentations were made to Bill's wife and family and the RoughRiders' annual tournament was re-named the Bill Schwarz Memorial Sled Hockey Invitational. We will miss you Bill...

Led by Danny Santos the RoughRiders Blue team defeated the White team, led by Bryan Genovese in a great contest, allowing some bragging rights until next season.

In all, the RoughRiders continue to display unbelievable effort and determination as they work to get each other better. They are SIMPLY THE BEST.


May 9th, 2015 - the RoughRiders skated to a great win over the FDNY Hockey team, re-kindling a rivalry of a few years back.  The FDNY pledges to be back each year and the RoughRiders hail NY's Bravest and pray they be well.


May 2nd, 2015 - Organized by one of our volunteers, Matt Rossman, a very talented group of high school hockey players challenged the RoughRiders as part of a fundraiser for LI Sled Hockey. The RoughRiders were able to put on a display of their skills and talents, once again exemplifying why we call ourselves "differently-abled", not dis-abled. The parents of these high school athletes and the athletes themselves were amazed at the skill level, teamwork and emotion with which the RoughRiders play. We'll welcome them back for a rematch and major kudos go to this group, especially to Matt, as they raised and incredible $3268 for our program.  THANK YOU!!! 


April 25th, 2015 - After filming the RoughRiders in December of '14, the Hofstra University TV & Radio group decided to get on the ice and challenge them. We thank them for their support and have added them to our ever-growing list of friends. Like all first-time (and multiple-time) participants in this sport, Hofstra realized just how hard and challenging this sport is and just how marvelously talented the RoughRiders are. 


April 16th-19th, 2015 - Amelia Park, Mass - Needing to win their Saturday afternoon game to qualify for the Gold Medal game on Sunday, the RoughRiders fell just short.  Showing no weariness from playing three games in 27 hours they stormed onto the ice and came away with a 4-2 win in the bronze Medal game.  They played an incredible weekend, mostly the same new roster as Ottawa the week before and they are gaining new confidence and game experience.  We all look forward to next year!    


April 9th-12th, 2015 - Despite some excellent play and a roster filled with new tournament players, the RoughRiders failed to make the medal round in the Ottawa Invitational Tournament for the first time in six years.  A great effort, we will be back!!!  


March 22nd, 2015 - in Game 6 of a long rivalry, the RoughRiders emerged victorious over the St Peter's Boys HS Hockey team but gained even more respect and friendships through this long running demonstration to the many who come out in support.  Thanks Eddie and All at St Pete's. 


March 21st, 2015 - we thank Team RWB, our returning veterans, for the opportunity to show how differently-abled players play this wonderful sport of sled hockey.  Most importantly we thank them for their dedication and sacrifice.  We look forward to their rematch.


March 13th-15th, 2015 - Fort Meyers, Florida- trailing 4-2 in the first period, the RoughRiders stormed back to a 10-7 win, giving them a sweep of the four games and their third Southwest Florida Spring Showcase Championship in three years!!!  Kudos to all for a well-deserved championship!!!  This gives the RoughRiders five straight championships, from the Long Island RoughRiders Cup, the Ottawa, Canada O'Keefe Cup and the SW Florida Championships!!!


Jan. 31st, 2015 - the RoughRiders renewed their series against the Bellmore-Merrick Bulldogs and all had a great time. The RoughRiders showed their skills and amazing abilities, the Bulldogs gained a new respect for a differently-abled team which continues to impress. We look forward to a rematch.


Dec. 20, 2014 - the RoughRiders accepted the challenge St. Anthony's HS Hockey team and both sides won.  St. Anthony's gained a new respect for the talents of an amazing group of "differently-abled" athletes, both in their talents and their commitment to their sport and the RoughRiders gained new friends and support. Plans are already being made for next year's rematch

Oct 18, 2014 -USMA, West Point - once again the Black Knights at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point challenged the RoughRiders to a "demo" game at Tate Arena. The RoughRiders prevailed and always appreciate the invite (extended again for 2015) from Coach Riley but most importantly, THANK THE CADETS FOR THEIR DEDICATION, COMMITMENT, DUTY AND HONOR TO OUR COUNTRY. GOD BLESS THEM ALL AND KEEP THEM SAFE.


July 2014 - RoughRiders president Bryan Blomquist accepts appointment to become the New York State Amateur Hockey Association's Disabled Hockey Rep for the state's East Section.


June 27-29,2014, Bethpage, NY - After three straight wins to get into the championship game, the RoughRiders found themselves trailing 2-1 after two periods.  Not wanting to lose THEIR Cup in THEIR building, and looking to make history, these amazing athletes scored FIVE UNANSWERED GOALS en route to a 6-2 win!  Championships in Florida, Canada and at home in New York gave the RoughRiders a Grand Slam, a Triple Crown, a Trifecta!!!!!  Never before has a team played in all three tournaments in one season and WON ALL THREE!!!  They have earned the admiration and respect of their opponents, they continue to grow and impress, they are a source of inspiration to everyone.  They are simply...amazing.

April 4th-6th, 2014 - Ottawa, Canada - After four hard-fought wins in two days in Ottawa's 10th Annual Sledge Hockey Tournament, the RoughRiders were pitted against the Stittsville Falcons, the "house team" and tournament favorite, in the Gold Medal game on Sunday - April 6th. If ever a game could be scripted to showcase the sport of sled hockey, this was it!  Up 1-0 and then 2-1, with the score tied 2-2 and one minute remaining in regulation the RoughRiders and their supporters watched a Stittsville breakaway turned into a miraculous save by goalie Anthony Zappia.  A three-on-three Sudden Death Overtime ensued and RoughRiders' Captain Bryan Genovese, Chris Meigel and Kristy Vaughn faced off against the Falcons' best.  In less than 90 seconds, following unbelievable passes from Bryan and Kristy, Chris Meigel scored the winning goal in a heart-stopping and very emotional 3-2 win!!!  Along with all present, I have never seen a more physical and incredible sled hockey game.  MAJOR KUDOS TO THE 14 ROUGHRIDERS WHO MADE THE TRIP AND PLAYED THEIR HEARTS OUT.  YOU CONTINUE TO AMAZE, YOU CONTINUE TO IMPRESS, YOU CONTINUE TO SHOW THAT YOU ARE THE BEST!!!  GOD BLESS YOU ALL.


March 29th, 2014 - The annual rematch against St Peter's HS varsity hockey team saw a great turnout and some spectacular play. The RoughRiders family thanks everyone at St Peter's for the continuing support of Long Island's incredible and very special athletes.  We'll be back!!!


Feb 28th-Mar 2nd, 2014 - Ft Myers, Fl - After a big win on Friday night against Nebraska, the RoughRiders lost a 6-5 OT thriller on Saturday afternoon.  Needing a win Saturday night against the host team, Florida Sled Bandits 4-3, the RoughRiders came away with a 4-3 win to qualify for a rematch against the Florida Space Coast team on Sunday for the championship. With seven score changes in a heart stopping contest, the RoughRiders prevailed in a well-deserved 5-3 win, "repeating" as SW Florida Spring Showcase Champions!!! A great win, a great weekend, a great TEAM effort, highlighted by the amazing play of Captain Bryan Genovese, Kristy Vaughn and Larry Minei, all three playing the entire title game. The entire team makes us proud, making all realize that they, the "differently-abled", are MORE able and teach the rest of us, each and every day.  God Bless Them All.


February 15th, 2014 - a 12-1 victory over McQuade's Neighborhood Grill resulted in a requested rematch this season and will be scheduled.  We thank the McQuade's crew for another spirited contest and are glad their goalie decided to wear a chest protector!!!  Thanks guys.


Feb 1st, 2014 - RoughRiders retain the Summit Cup with a 9-2 victory over Nick & Bob Auletta's Summit team. We thank Summit for their continued support of our program and look forward to next year!


June 28-30, 2013 - Bethpage, NY- An exciting weekend at the Town of Oyster Bay Ice Skating Center in Bethpage!  Families, friends and supporters witnessed three days of incredible sled hockey.  Employing a split squad, the RoughRiders White team came up just short of winning the Bronze but DID win new found respect and admiration from all. After three consecutive  wins on Friday and Saturday, the RoughRiders Blue team took center stage against the Ottawa Falcons, Canadian team in the championship game trying to recapture the Cup which had eluded them for three years.  Jumping out to a 2-0 lead they never looked back, clinching the final by a score of 6-2!!!  Congratulations to the entire RoughRiders program for their courage, determination and "nose-to-the-grindstone" commitment to their sport and their teammates.  They are to be commended and lauded.  As Tina Turner sang, "SIMPLY THE BEST, BETTER THAN ALL THE REST"...

April 28th-30th, 2013 - Ottawa, Canada- After  missing getting to the championship game by a period they needed to win, the RoughRiders rebounded with an impressive 5-2 victory (scoring just 10 seconds into the game), capturing the Bronze Medal in the O'Keefe Cup Invitational in Ottawa, Canada.  Our athletes continue to make us all extremely proud of their efforts and teamwork. We will return next year.

April 20th, 2013 - Despite hard work and effort, the RoughRiders held off McQuade's in the third annual demo game, with McQuade's vowing a different outcome next year. We thank them for their continued support.


April 13, 2013 - The fourth match vs St. Peter's High School Boys Hockey team saw a determined St. Peter's team give an incredible effort against the RoughRiders. When the contest ended, the RoughRiders were again victorious and gained new friends and respect. We thank Coach Blackburn and all at St. Peter's for their continued support, their fundraising efforts for "our" kids and hope for a rematch next season. God bless.


March 1st-3rd, 2013 - Fort Myers, Florida - The RoughRiders traveled to Fort Myers, Florida for the 2013 Florida Spring Sled Hockey Showcase.  With three wiins against no losses on Friday and Saturday, the RoughRiders held off a determined Space Coast team and came away with a 3-1 victory to capture the championship!!!!! Hats off to our  team for a great UNDEFEATED WEEKEND!!!  We WILL return in 2014 to defend our title!


Jan 16th, 2013 - USMA, West Point - Once again the Cadets at West Point took to the ice against the RoughRiders and put up a strong effort. The RoughRiders prevailed in the end and look forward to a 7th contest next season. Good luck and God bless the Cadets in their commitment to Honor and Country.


July 13th-15th, 2012 - Bethpage, NY - Once again the RoughRiders needed to win the third period of their Saturday afternoon game to qualify for the Championship game on Sunday.  In a furious final 12 minutes, the RoughRiders came up just short, losing 3-2.  Showing heart and determination, the RoughRiders rebounded with a 3-2 Sunday morning game to capture third place as the 2011-2012 season came to an end.  WE WILL BE BACK!


April 21st, 2012 - Another great re-match against Lynbrook Elks Lodge NY#! with the Elks promising to change the outcome next year! Thanks to all, with a special thanks to Ray Flaherty and Bob Kerning. The support of the Elks has been ongoing for more than 17 years.


April 14th, 2012 - A third year against St. Peter's High School Boys' Varsity Hockey team on their turf on Staten Island. Their compassion and support for LI Sled Hockey is to be commended. They continue to promote our program and raise funds for OUR team. Kudos to Coach Blackburn and all at St. Peter's. You have your re-match for next year!!!


Mar. 2nd-4th, 2012 - Fort Myers, Florida - The RoughRiders rebounded with a heart stopping 3-2 victory in Fort Myers, Fl. to come away with third place. A great weekend for all and we look forward to next year's tournament.

December 17th, 2011 - We thank Suffolk County's Pride in Athletics for Life Ice Hockey PeeWees for a great game and their generous fundraising efforts for our program. We look forward to a rematch and appreciate their support!

Dec. 3rd, 2011 - USMA, West Point - Once again the cadets of the United States Military Academy hosted the RoughRiders for an exciting and hard fought game. The RoughRiders came away with the win, with both sides gaining a mutual respect for each other. Coach Riley from West Point has extended yet another invitation for next season and we will be back. We wish the Cadets a safe journey through their long commitment.

November 9th, 2011 - The Syosset Braves played a valiant game against the RoughRiders, coming up short but vowing to return next year. Thanks to Rich Goldstein and all for their support, both on and off the ice.


Jul. 8th-10th, 2011 - Bethpage, NY - The RoughRiders lost a nail-biting final, and saw the Jersey Freeze capture the RoughRiders Cup. In all, the RoughRiders had an impressive season, capturing the first-ever championship in Albany in February and then netted two second place finishes in the O'Keefe Cup Invitational in April and another second place finish as outlined above. Have a great summer and we'll see you back on the ice in October.


une 11th, 2011 - Despite a last minute goal by McQuade's, the RoughRiders played a superb game on both offense and defense to make it a two-peat against John Hartwick and his crew.  We look forward to next year's challenge from our Lynbrook supporters.


April 15th-17th, 2011 - Ottawa, Canada - After a 5-0 loss Friday night, the RoughRiders stormed back with 7-1, 5-3 and 7-3 wins on Saturday to qualify for the Gold medal game Sunday. In a truly amazing game, the RoughRiders came up on the wrong end of a 3-2 game against the same Ottawa team that beat them Friday. With 10.4 seconds left the RoughRiders hit the "pipe", scant inches from tying the game. An incredible effort, an incredible team, an amazing comeback! We will be back!!


Mar 13th, 2011 - We once again thank St Peter's Boys Varsity Hockey team for their hospitality and support for our program. We look forward to the 2012 rematch.


Mar 5th, 2011 - Nassau Coliseum - the RoughRiders put on an awesome display of talent and determination in a 7-2 win against a split team, beating former New York Islanders greats Bobby Nystrom and Richie Hansen. Those who stayed to watch the contest after the NYI game were impressed with the RoughRiders' skill and we hope to see them back.


Feb 20th, 2011 - Albany, NY- The RoughRiders emerge victorious in the first-ever Troy-Albany Rink Rats Tournament! Winning three games in two days, LI Sled Hockey was able to add the Championship banner to their home rink in Bethpage. A great job by all and our sincere thanks to Kim and Tom Wilson and everyone in the Sled warriors program.


Jan 29th, 2011 - A spirited 7-3 victory over Summit Security allowed the RoughRiders to retain the "Summit" Cup for another year. Kudos to Nick, Bob, Linda and all from Summit for their continued support and compassion for our athletes. Maybe next year guys...


Jan. 22nd, 2011 - The RoughRiders were victorious in another rematch against the Bellmore-Merrick Bulldogs, despite the efforts of the B-M goalie. A real nice crowd witnessed some excellent hockey. Thanks to Chris Patten and his crew - see you again in 2012.


Jan 8th, 2011 - USMA, West Point - Our 4th match against the cadets at West Point was another memorable evening. We thank all those who are committed to keep our country strong and still find time for our program. We hope Coach Riley at the USMA wears his RoughRiders windbreaker with pride and look forward to next year's segment in this wonderful series.


Nov. 26th 2010 - TheRoughRiders thank all members of the Hofstra cheerleading team for their support and compassion. We look forward to next year's rematch.


August 2010 - Captain Bryan Genovese and Danny Santos are selected for the United States Junior Sled Hockey team!!! You both lead by example and make those around you better. You should be proud of yourselves - Congratulations!


Jul 9th-11, 2010 - Bethpage, NY - After three consecutive wins to get to the Championship game, the RoughRiders had a rematch against a determined Ottawa Barbarians team. The game was close for two periods, with some spectacular goals and saves but Ottawa prevailed, recapturing the RoughRiders Cup ending Long Island's "three-peat" in an attempt for four straight.  Our hats off the the Barbarians as well as the Capital District Sled Warriors and Connecticut Wolfpack. We also thank John Venditto and his wonderful administration for a fabulous weekend venue.  The RoughRiders will be back!!!


June 5th, 12th & 19th, 2010 - Three straight victories by he RoughRiders over the NC Bantam Blackhawks, NY ELks #1 and a determined Stonybrook University men's hockey team hopefully got LISH ready for their July hoe tournament.  Our hats off to all three organizations and thanks for being a part of and supporting our program; and yes, we accept your challenges for rematches during the new 2010-2011 season.


Apr 23rd-25th, 2010 - Ottawa, NY - After a dismal opening night loss, the RoughRiders mounted a furious charge on Saturday, unfortunately, for the second year in a row coming up one-half point short of the medal round. The athletes played their absolute best and made everyone in attendance extremely proud. We will be back! 


April 17, 2010 - A gallant effort was put forth by Fibber McGee's, coming up short but walking away with a new appreciation of the RoughRiders. We thank them and look forward to the re-match.


March 20th, 2010 - The RoughRiders received an exciting challenge from the Summit Security Sliders but managed a 5-1 win, retaining the Summit Cup.  Kudos to Nick and Bob Auletta, Linda Piacentini and all at Summit for their decade-long support and friendship.  Thanks also go out to BK Sweeney's in Bethpage for a terrific brunch - provided as always by Summit.  Nich and Bob - maybe next year...  See you in July and at the Point in the fall.


March 15th, 2010 - The RoughRiders were hosted by St Peter's Boys Varsity Hockey team on Staten Island. New friendships were formed, their camaraderie and compassion well evidenced and their pledged support all to be lauded. The outcome of the game aside, the RoughRiders thank the Eagles, St Peter's and the entire Staten Island community for their generosity and support and congratulate the Eagles on an outstanding championship season!!! We'll see you at our July tournament.


February 20th, 2010 - Despite a gallant effort and a "hand"some goal toward game's end, the RoughRiders prevailed over the Town of Oyster Bay team led by Supervisor John Venditto. We look forward to our continued rivalry and thank them for their continued support.

January 30th, 2010 - Thanks to all in the Suffolk PAL for their challenge. We know your kids got an appreciation for what these special athletes are all about and look forward to a continuing bond and another game.


January 16th, 2010 - The RoughRiders gained new friends and respect from the gang at McQuade's. Vowing a different outcome in a rematch, they were wowed by the team play of the RoughRiders and left the arena shaking their heads after an impressive 13-1 win by the RoughRiders. Thanks to Jimmy, John, Rob, Theresa, Lauren and all at McQuade's.


January 9th. 2010 - The RoughRiders thank the Seaford K of C for their challenge and exciting game, ending in a 5-3 RoughRiders win. Their continued support is very much apprecited. A re-match is in the works.  


Dec 5th, 2009 - USMA, West Point - The RoughRiders faced an incredible challenge from the West Point men's hockey team and escaped with a 2-1 victory. Our many thanks to Coach Riley and all at West Point who continue to support our program. We salute the men and women of the USMA and wish them the very best in their service to our country.


October 21st, 2009 - Mr Bryan A. Del Bondio, president of Markham Vineyards in Napa Valley, Ca. presented a check to Long Island Sled Hockey for $25,000 as the Mark of Distinction Award winner for 2009.  Mr. Del Bondio was genuinely impressed and moved by the athletes in our program.  We thank Mr. Del Bondio, the entire Markham family and the folks at Marina Maher Communications for their tremendous help to these special athletes.  Thanks also go to Dan Casey and the rest of the FDNY's Hillside Hurricanes for accepting our challenge for a game to kick off the presentation.






Jul 10th-12th, 2009 - Bellmore, NY - After thrilling 5-1, 3-1 and 4-3 victories over Connecticut and the two Ottawa teams, the RoughRiders played the Connecticut Wolfpack for the RoughRiders Cup. A goal with 4:49 left in the game put the RoughRiders ahead 3-2, and they withstood a furious finish to retain the RoughRiders Cup, a "three-peat". Many thanks to the Wolfpack, Ottawa's Barbarians and Valley Bandits for a truly memorable and emotion-packed tournament. To the RoughRiders - you continue to amaze, not able to  match lines with opposing teams and yet able to gel and accomplish your goals. From the goaltending, defense and a persistent and tenacious offense, you never gave up. You make all who watch, participate and support your efforts extremely proud. You should ALL be extremely proud of yourselves. UNBELIEVABLE JOB!!!

May 8th, 2009 - the RoughRiders were able defeat a game Bellmore-Merrick Bulldogs team and look forward to next year's rematch. We also thank them for their fundraising efforts for our program. Thanks again guys and girls...

June 20th, 2009
- with a large contingent of Elks, as well as Lynbrook's Mayor Curran, and Trustees Beach and Becker, the RoughRiders prevailed with a shutout victory and will once again await the 2010 challenge. We thank New York Lodge #1 for their continued support and were glad to see village support from Lynbrook's Board.

Apr 24th-26th, 2009 - Ottawa, Canada - after an emotional contest Friday evening which saw the RoughRiders come back from a 5-2 third period score, scoring four unanswered goals for a 6-5 win, the team came up one goal short of making the medal round on Sunday. Thanks to all the athletes, family and friends for another great weekend. We WILL be back. 

March 14th, 2009
- despite a strong effort by their goalie, Summit Security fell to the RoughRiders 7-1, allowing LI Sled Hockey to retain the Summit Cup.  Thanks to Nick and Bob Auletta and all at Summit for their continued support (and a great lunch!). We look forward to our 2010 rematch.

February 28th, 2009 - Despite a game effort by the Green Machine IceCats, the RoughRiders, led by a hat trick from Tommy Gillece, came away with the victory.  Thanks to Ken Uher, his staff and all with the IceCats for their support and fund raising efforts. We look forward to an annual rematch.

Jan 17th, 2009 - USMA, West Point - for the 2nd year in a row, the Black Knights hockey team at West Point welcomed LI Sled Hockey in a demonstration game at Tate Arena. We were proud to present them with our organization banner and admire their dedication and commitment to our country. We thank Coach Riley and the entire West Point team for their invitation and compassion and look forward to our third trip next season.


Jul 11th-13th, 2008 - Bellmore, NY - Both RoughRiders' Blue and White teams had a great tournament. The Blue team played an exciting Sunday Bronze medal game against Canada's North Bay Ice Breakers, losing 3-2 in an action-packed contest. The White team, trailing 3-1 in the third period to their rival Ottawa Valley Bandits, roared back to tie it 3-3 with little time left and then won 4-3 in the first minute of Sudden Death OT!!!  The RoughRiders became the first team to win back-to-back Cups. All the teams in the Invitational are to congratulated for a wonderful weekend of exceptional play. A brief hiatus follows, with the '08-'09 season staring in October.

May 2008 - Many, many thanks to the Rockville Centre St. Patrick's Parade Committee!!!  As the 2008 local charity, Frank Martin and Don Meigel were presented with a check for $26,000 for our athletes at their annual awards meeting.  Your efforts never go unnoticed.  Thanks again to Michael O'Reilly and all involved for their support and compassion.


April 2008 - Ottawa, Canada - After a 7-3 victory over the Connecticut Wolfpack the RoughRiders faced a rematch against the Ottawa Barbarians for the O'Keefe Cup.  Despite a courageous effort, the Barbarians emerged victorious, with the RoughRiders capturing the Silver medal.  We will continue to strive for a different result in '09.

March 2008 - the RoughRiders took on challenges from the Syosset Braves and Bellmore/Merrick Bulldogs, in two thrilling games, resulting in two shutouts for the RoughRiders.  We thank both groups for their support and look forward to next season's rematches.


January 26th, 2008 - After defending the Summit Cup in a 7-0 victory over a talented Summit Security team, the RoughRiders joined the Summit team for a wonderful brunch at Minnesota's, hosted by Summit. Our thanks go out to Bob & Nick Auletta and the entire Summit family for their continued support and compassion. Thanks also for the new equipment donated for future challenge games.

Jan 19th, 2008 - USMA, West Point - The RoughRiders accepted the invitation by the US Military Academy and traveled to West Point to play the Cadets. The short demo/game resulted in a 5-0 victory for the RoughRiders, with both teams sharing in a mutual respect for the talents, dedication and courage of all the athletes. We thank Coach Riley, Asst. Coach Sherry, the Black Knights and the entire West Point family for the invite, for the challenge, for the opportunity. We wish you all the best and hope for a return match. The entire RoughRiders family salutes you and wishes you the best in your service to your country.


October 10th, 2007 - LI Sled Hockey selected by the Rockville Centre St. Patrick's Parade Committee as the 2008 local charity to be honored. Check their site (www.rvcstpatrick.com) for more info and upcoming fundraising events. Our most sincere thanks to Michael O'Reilly and the entire committee!!!

Jul 13th-15th, 2007, Bellmore, NY-  After falling behind 6-0 in the very first period to the Ottawa Valley Bandits on Friday, the RoughRiders DID NOT LOSE  ANOTHER PERIOD THE ENTIRE TOURNAMENT!!! Losing that first game 7-4, the RoughRiders stormed back with 7-2 and 7-1 wins, qualifying for the championship game against those same Ottawa Valley Bandits. Scoring twice in the first  period and never letting up, the RoughRiders skated at a furious pace for three periods, rarely letting Ottawa out of their defensive zone. When the final buzzer sounded, the RoughRiders had come away with a hard-fought and very impressive  6-3 win! The RoughRiders Cup was recaptured and brought back home to Long Island!!! Coupled with their winning the    Canadian O'Keefe Cup in Ottawa just 10 weeks prior, the RoughRiders hold both championship titles in the same year!!!
The ENTIRE RoughRiders team is to be commended for their efforts, determination and courage. As evidenced by the crowd in attendance at the championship game, dry eyes were hard to find but the applause was in abundance. This amazing group of young athletes continues to make us all so very proud. There is NO finer group anywhere, period.


June 16, 2007 - The RoughRiders prevailed again in their annual match with Lynbrook's NY#1 Elks Lodge. After a 9-3 win, all participants returned to the Lodge for breakfast. I thank the Elks for their ongoing support and a special thanks to Mark Dease for cooking a great breakfast and Ray Flaherty for opening the Lodge and taking care of refreshments.

May 14, 2007  - Despite strong goaltending by the Syosset Braves, the RoughRiders played a brilliant game and shut them out 7-0.  We thank them for their support and applaud their effort.

May 6th, 2007- Ottawa, Canada - After 3-2, 8-2 and 6-2 wins, the RoughRiders played a hard-fought game against the Connecticut Wolfpack.  Tied 1-1 after two periods the RoughRiders responded with 2 unanswered goals for a 3-1 victory and captured the Inaugural O'Keefe Cup.  Congratulations to the entire team that made the trip.  You continue to make us proud.

April 2007 - RoughRider Brett Blomquist was presented with the New York State Senate Achiever's Award in the Senate LOB in Albany.  Brett joins teammates Captain Bryan Genovese (2005) and Mark Turan (2004) as RoughRiders' recipients of this award from 9th District Senator Dean Skelos.


February/March 2007 - The RoughRiders family extends their thanks to Town of Oyster Bay Supervisor John Venditto and his team, the Seaford K of C Memorare Council and their team for their ongoing support and challenges. Although the RoughRiders were again victorious in both contests, all teams came away with an increased respect and admiration for the efforts extended. The RoughRiders also thank the "new kids on the block", the Bellmore/Merrick Bulldogs for their first-ever game, a hard-fought 7-2 RoughRiders win. Again, new friendships were formed and hopefully a new annual challenge brought to the table. Our most heartfelt thanks to all three organizations. It's your participation, support and compassion that enables this program to continue to grow and develop.


December 23rd, 2006 - The RoughRiders played an exciting game vs. the Valley Stream Eagles, home from college for the holidays, and skated away with a last-minute 9-8 victory on a goal by Captain Bryan Genovese as time ran out.  Great job by all!!!

December 2006, Ottawa, Canada - the RoughRiders traveled to Ottawa, Canada and played three exciting games. Trailing the first game 6-4 in the third period, two late goals enabled the RoughRiders to come away with a hard-earned 6-6 tie. After an 8-5 win against the Ottawa Bandits, the RoughRiders played the Barbarians in a hard-hitting and classic contest. Down 4-2 after two periods and 5-3 early in the third, the RoughRiders scored two goal in the last three minutes to merit a phenomenal 5-5 tie. Great job!!! We're going back in May in an attempt to recapture the Lanthier_Sauve Cup.


October 2006 - RoughRiders beat a game LI Gulls Midget Major 18 year old players) team 12-5.  Keep checking this site for the rematch


July 2006, Bellmore NY - The RoughRiders missed the championship game by one point after capturing the maximum 8 points in their third game, besting the Ottawa Local Heroes 6-2.  Playing for 3rd place on Sunday, the RoughRiders never let down and beat the CT Wolfpack 3-0, outstanding efforts exhibited by Captain Bryan Genovese and goalie Adam Mertz.  As always, The entire RoughRiders family is extremely proud of each and every one of you. 


June 2006 - Congratulations to Bryan Genovese and Danny Santos on being selected to USA Hockey's first-ever Sled Hockey Player Development Camp. Both athletes will be traveling to Rochester, NY, July 21st-25th and the RoughRiders' family wish them the best!!! 


May 2006 - the RoughRiders played an exceptional game vs. NY Elks Lodge #1, beating them 12-3. Our athletes thank the Elks for their ongoing support and commitment to our athletes. We'll be playing them again in the fall.


May 2006, Ottawa, Canada - The RoughRiders, placed in the "A" bracket for the first time, played some marvelous hockey but fell short of the medal round for the first time in three years, They vow to return next year with better results promised. Great job to all!!!


May 19, 2006 - Catch CBS Sports, Channel 2,  High School Player of the Week as they honor our captain and team leader Bryan Genovese.  Bryan will be honored by CBS for his continued leadership, talents and inspiration.  Should air at approx. 5:40 PM.  We're all proud of you Bry!!!


April 2006 - Shocked and falling behind 5-3 to a much-improved Summit Security team, the RoughRiders responded with 6 unanswered goals for a 9-5 lead, en route to a 12-6 victory.  This marks the fourth consecutive win for the RoughRiders over Summit.  See the Summit Cup on display at Bridie O's in Lawrence.

March 2006 - the RoughRiders accepted two challenges by the men's hockey team from Nassau Community College in an eight day period and displayed a high-powered offense and relentless pressure, emerging with 12-5 and 8-2 wins. Thanks NCC for your support of our athletes.

March 2006 - The RoughRiders played two hard-fought games against the CT Wolfpack.  The Wolfpack pulled out a well-deserved 2-1 victory after falling to the RoughRiders 6-3 in the opener.  Both teams will  meet again in Ottawa in May.


January 21st, 2006 -  Town of Oyster bay Supervisor John Venditto, Assemblyman Joe  Saladino, and their team fought hard but fell to the RoughRiders 11-2. LI Sled Hockey thanks John, Joe and all in TOB for their continuing support.


January 2006 - Following an exciting 2-2 tie the RoughRiders responded with a fast-paced, end-to-end 1-0 victory, with goaltenders from both teams playing the games of their lives. Both games were played against the CT Wolfpack.

November 18th-20th 2005, Ottawa, Canada - A loss, a win and a hard-fought 2-2 tie bode real well for the RoughRiders in Ottawa, Canada. This last-minute weekend competition was made possible by those who once again contributed to the "Hop"!!!


2005 - Bellmore, NY, a - After an opening 5-1 defeat, the RoughRiders stormed back with 5-2 and 2-1 wins, putting an exclamation mark on the tourney with a heart-stopping 5-4 victory over the Ottawa Bandits (the team they lost to in Game 1) to capture the first-ever RoughRiders Cup!!!

2005 - Ottawa, Canada - After a crushing 1st game loss, the RoughRiders rebounded with 2 wins and a tie to capture the Bronze Medal, the tie won the Bronze in a memorable 3-0 shutout.


2005 - Bellmore, NY  - Retain the "Summit Cup" with a 12-4 victory over Summit Security


2005 - Detroit, Michigan  - failed to make medal round after 3 tough losses in USA Hockey National Tournament in Detroit, MI

2005 - Two hard-fought wins against Chariots of Fire team in Windsor, CT over 1/15-1/16 weekend


2004 - Win the Lanthier-Sauve Cup in Ottawa, Canada


2004 - swept four game tournament in Westfield, Massachusetts against the Chariots of Hope team from Hartford, Connecticut

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