Matt Rossman Raises $12,000 in Four Years!

May 13th, 2017 - with the official season over, the RoughRiders played the third annual contest against Nassau County high school's best hockey players, lead by Matt Rossman (left), as he once again surpassed the prior two years in HIS fundraiser against the RoughRiders.  Organized and coordinated throughout by this Tulane-bound high school senior, he raised over $4000, bringing his three year total to over $12,000!!!  He is pictured here with 12 year old Alivia Valauri, highlighted below.  Truly amazing!!!  They are both unique and forever members of the RoughRiders family.

Alivia Valauri Raises $2500.00!

April 22nd, 2017 - 12 year old Alivia Valauri presents the RoughRiders with an incredible $2500 she raised on her own, as she "signed on for life" as one of our volunteers, and wowed those on hand during the RughRiders contest against returning veterans.  An amazing young lady!

Split Squad Blue Win!

March 7th, 2017 - The RoughRiders Blue beat the RoughRiders White in a split squad RoughRiders Cup finale.  Both teams played their hearts out in a long season's home tournament finale.  There were NO losers, all played an incredible game, a fitting end to a record season.

O'Keefe Cup Champions 2017

April 9th, 2017 - Ottawa, Ontario - losing their captain after the first game to illness, this spirited and talented eight-player squad, won four more games, going undefeated for the weekend, capturing their fourth O'Keefe Cup Championship, their first since 2014.  Kudos to all for a phenomenal and unbelievable job!!!

London, Ontario-  6 Win - 0 Losses Weekend!!

January 30th, 2017- London, Ontario - the RoughRiders stormed to a 4 win record, against no losses, but yet had to beat the 4th seed Sunday morning to qualify for the Championship game.  Winning 2-0, the RoughRiders then won the London Blizzard Championship with a 4-1 final win, going 6-0 for the weekend!!!  The RoughRiders had never won this Championship.


The Nassau Bar Association, Inc.'s WE CARE Fund, presented LI Sled Hockey's president with a check for $3500 for equipment, adding to their earlier donation of $2500. In so, they have become our fourth Corporate Sponsor (see our Corporate Sponsorship page) and we thank them for their commitment to our special athletes.  Pictured here with LISH president Bryan Blomquist are WE CARE Co-Chairs Ms. Sarika Kapoor (r.) and Marc C. Gann (l.)

Sat, Dec 3rd, 2016 - West Point, NY -
For the 9th straight year, the RoughRiders traveled to the United States Military Academy,
accepting the challenge of the West Point Men's Hockey team.

Ottawa's 10th Annual Sledge Hockey Tournament

April 4th - 6th, 2014

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Gold Metal Presentation Photos


Action Shots


March 22nd, 2015 - In Game 6 of a long rivalry, the RoughRiders emerged victorious over the St Peter's Boys HS Hockey team but gained even more respect and friendships through this long running demonstration to the many who come out in support. Thanks Eddie and All at St Pete's.

2014 RoughRiders Cup Tournament

LISH and St Peter's HS Boys' Varsity Hockey Team after their 5th annual competition in 2014.


2014 SW Florida Champs


2013 SW Florida Champs

2011 Albany Champs


Feb 20th, 2011 - The RoughRiders emerge victorious in the first-ever Troy-Albany Rink Rats Tournament! Winning three games in two days, LI Sled Hockey was able to add the Championship banner to their home rink in Bethpage. A great job by all and our sincere thanks to Kim and Tom Wilson and everyone in the Sled warriors program.

The RoughRiders join the Cadets of West Point after their game,

a 5-0 RoughRiders win, in January of 2008.


The game was played at the United States Military Academy, before 1000 spectators.

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Click here for photos of the Lanthier-Sauve Cup in Canada!!

Click here for the July 2007 Tournament


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